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About S R Astro

The primary business objective of srastrovastuconsultants.com is to harness the power of internet to guide people through astrology & vastu to achieve success. Anybody can avail these services from any part of the world to find perfect solutions related to life matters. One major area which has benefitted many people is prediction in the fields like commodity trading, sports tournaments etc.


Indian Astrology

The word ‘Astrology’ means ‘accumulation of light’ or if stated in simpler manner, a bright shiny material. Astrology has got not only power to predict the future but also to provide the solution of coming problems. Astrology is vast concept and astrologer raj has got ancient solutions of human problems through Astrology.

Vastu Consultancy

Vastu is the study of impact of the Sun’s rays on the earth. Vastu reads the characteristics of a house and explains its effects on the residents in a scientific manner, we can surely count it among the other sciences. The basic purpose of Vastu is to make the lives of people happier and problem free.

Health Issues

Today, everyone have got health issues like overweight, allergy, pain, depression , high sugar and blood pressure etc. we take medicines to cure them but sometimes disease arises again. Horoscope, star signs, and planet situation are some natural factors that rule our health. Get to know about your health issues with Astrology and solve them.

Love Marriage Solution

Love is very thoughtful and divine feeling, when It starts the whole world looks beautiful and meaningful. When you are In true love one place himself/herself on top of the world. Love is the feeling which ignores all the bad element such as parents consent at both ends, small conflicts between lovers, caste barriers, family status, sibling consent and many such issues.

Marriage Solutions

Everyone match their horoscope before marriage and sometimes, they come to know about the terms like manglik dosh, kaal sarp dosh etc. These terms confuse people and sometimes, they miss the good results. Astrologer Raj researched a lot on horoscope match and found that these terms are not the actual cause of marriage delay.

Match Making

Match making is the foundation of marriage. If the foundation will be weak then whole building will soon fall . First, Know your marriage time and if you start looking for your partner and the horoscope match in that period then you will get perfect match. If you don’t have your birth details then also you can find your perfect match through Prashan Kundli.

Relationship Solution

We go through various relationships in our life like family, friends, colleagues, marriage etc. If proper balance is not maintained in any relationship then we get into relationship issues. Main cause of issues in relationship are thinking differences , lifestyle and temperaments . We can solve these relationship issues with the help of astrology.To know when to go away and when to come closer is the key to any lasting relationship.

Job Solution

Job satisfaction is the Prime factor. . If you are facing issues like notsatisfied with your current job , lost your job and not able to get the second job , rejection in interview , promotion interruption etc. then there is solution in astrologyfor such conditions.

Boost Career Solution

If you are facing issues like not getting good job, promotion interruption , business loss and conflict in starting new business then don’t worry as astrology has got the solution of these problems . Through astrology, we can know the best time period of our career and if we apply for job, promotion or business investment at that time duration then no one can stop us in getting success.

Cricket Prediction

You can get the prediction about the wining team before match starts with very good accuracy level(90-95%).

Commodity Prediction

Commodity Prediction : Commodity Prediction It is an extremely great opportunity for the people interested in trade as they can now know the accurate progression of the commodity market. Isn’t it a good idea to be sure of the price than to guess it every day? You can take this benefit from Astro services. Get the deal today! Regular Price:Rs. 3000/- Offer price Rs. 2000

Personalized Solution

Astrology has the answer of each question related to our life. If you are under stress, looking for health improvement and facing trouble in your personal and professional life then get the permanent solution from Astrology.

Free Prashan Kundali

Prashna Kundali/Oracle - It'ss a significant and useful branch of Astrology. As the name suggests, Prashna Kundali is apparently utilized to provide answers to the questions of curious minds. When a person doesn't have Janma Kundali or is unaware or his date, place and time of birth, Prashna Kundali helps. It responds to one's queries about life and thus adds solutions to his problems.

FreeTarot Card Readings

Don’t you like to know how’re approaching days going to treat you! Don’t you wish to know what future has stored for you! Don’t you look for suggestive measures and to get out of the troubles! You must be seeking answers for these questions for life, absolutely. Everyone wants solutions, so why not you! That’s why we bring you TAROT CARD READING. TAROT CARD imparts you sheer knowledge of the PRESENT.

Daily Horoscope

Daily Horoscope predictions are generally based on zodiac Sign. It is not possible that Prediction will be accurate for all the individuals because two or more persons can have same name and birth time. Also, it’s not possible for all the individuals to have same destiny.
We are providing daily horoscope services to our regular visitors either on the basis of their birth details or by Prashan Kundli
(If accurate birth time not available). We will provide the complete day predictions along with very affective remedies. These remedies remove negative thoughts and encourage positivity so that we can get the best results.

Asto Raj

This company is the brain child of Mr Rajesh Agrwal who has spent many years in research & practice of Astrology and Vastu as a consultant. Mr. Agarwal is today a highly knowledgeable and experienced professional who has immense insight and vision to provide right solutions to all types of business & life problems.

Mr Rajesh started very early as an auto parts business man after leaving his school studies in between. He built & expanded this business successfully in short span of time but was willing to diversify further some years later. When he consulted the astrologers on this matter,they advised him against this idea.

Face Reading Astrology

As you must have read “Your whole personality reflects on your face”. You can use the Face Reading Study for your Wellbeing. If you would like to know about a person like your colleagues, friends, online friends, Bosses etc., you can know everything & anything by Face Reading.
  • July 12, 2014

    Astrological Prediction without birth details

    Many of you have heard about astrology and used it but not completely aware of its benefits. When you think of astrology- Horoscope comes in your mind. To Know future prediction or get the solution of problems through …

Astrological Remedies
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