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About Us

The whole purpose of this site is to guide people in achieving success through true practices of Hindu astrology. We do not recommend any gemstones or pujas but help people in getting rid of their problems through some very simple and basic methods. Be it business, stock market, sports, marriage, or career, we exult in offering the best counselling and easiest methods for every type of problem.

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Prashna Kundli

Prashan kundli aka horary vedic astrology deals in answering queries of those individuals who have no knowledge of their exact or correct birth details. An impeccable method, prashna kundali calculates answers on the basis of planetary positions.

Free Tarot Card Reading

Be it troubled thoughts or clouded emotions, a tarot card reading is the best measure to gain a new perspective about life. Tarot readings present most plausible solutions to those complicated times when choices are rough and decision making gets tough.

Face Reading

Face reading or 'Physiognomy' is the art of knowing a person's fate, character, and personality through his facial expressions. A very ancient art, the root idea of this concept is to recognize an individual's inner self by observing his facial features.


What our clients says
Thank you for another wonderful astrology session. You always provide incredible insights and seem to be able to intuitively focus, precisely, on whatever one needs to know in the present moment. We will talk again soon.
Atin saini

S R Astro Vastu Consultant

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